Luck has played a huge part in my life with Ezri,

I was lucky to find her at the price I did, I was lucky to have amazing, wonderful people who helped me reach Leeds and teach me so much in those frist few days, 

I was lucky that day on the river when a heron show me the way and turings I had to make, I was lucky when the winter floods came that Ezri was save,

Lucky to get off the Rochdale canal with Ezri in one piece. And the last huge bit of luck was find out about Andy of G.I.D Marine Services who serviced Ezri just after I was able get to New Islngton.

And on to the Ashton, then to Portland Basin and on to Peak which is now Ezri’s home base 

At this point my luck did change not slowly but with a bang. 

We come to last week when Ezri became a black smoke cloud then blew her water intake cap, you see I have been scarried open the weed cover so I didn’t know about the build up of crap wrapping itself over the propeller which only found out later.

The plan was to move Ezri about 2 hour trip no locks just a swing bridge I have even got new morring chains, we did the bridge even had help and then.

Lady luck changed her mind smoke started to come up though deck plate the old exhaust pipe had give up join was letting, fumes into the engine bay.

We had stop and try and get back to the basin which meant turing Ezri around a matter of ten mintues lady luck still wanted to play so, ten mintues became half an hour and then crap on the propeller kicked in.

The black smoke became white for about ten second and Ezri blew the water cap then her engine stopped thankfuly Dad was on the towpath so we pulled Ezri back to the morring.

Our luck changed once more but this time back on our side Andy was working at Portland so I was able to explan what had gone worng and hand over Ezri’s keys

A few days ago he checked Ezri over and even had her running but her pipe work had melted and split  so needs replacing and even braved the weed cover and show me crap which was one scarry mess.

Lady luck has play around with me and Ezri a lot and so far we have got on very well but I bet she’s not given up just yet 


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