Narrowboat Ezri – Ashton Adventure Two of Two

At the left hand side of Ezri’s mooring is the Portland Basin Museum, Its a free Museum the across from the junction.

Which marks the end of the Ashton, and the start of both the Peak Forest and Huddersfield Narrow.

The Museum itself house a recration of a 1920’s street which tells you a lot about how the area has changed over the past centuries, and down stairs it tells you all about the coal mines and cotton mills that were the life blood of manchester.

Having spent three weeks in the center of the city with all its white hot new glass and steel buliding its so what of a contrast.

In the museum is also the home Wooden canal boat Society they have four old boats outside in the basin for people to look at there is even a mock up of one as they take it though one of the lock on the Huddersfield.

As well as the boats there is a small cafe which is very nice, there two narrows in the basin which offer trips around the waters, but I am yet to find out were they end up or how far they go.

After all the 24 hour life style of the center of manchester it a odd feeling, a little like time travel, but being only few yards away from moden life.

I am planing to take Ezri down the Peak Forest in the next few days there are no more locks until we reach Marple, I found out that you need mooring chains if you want to stop along side some of the place so thanks to the people at Portland Basin Marina that was easly sloved so its just a three hour sail, stop around a place called Romiley

After the months of hardship it to get Ezri off roachdale I am look forward just to be able enjoy the cannal again. 


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