It’s Not…

Life, is not about how many follows you have on twitter, or how many friends you think have on Facebook, how many likes or retweet’s you get on some pointless cat gif.
Real life is about making a difference for the better in this world, in the last few days in one country 49 people were shot and killed and here in my own in the last few hour MP Jo Cox was killed and all because of hate.
90% of the world will use those acts of madness to spread there own hate, there own evil, divide the world into bits and make people scarred of each and 9% will just shake there heads and move on to the next bullshit  five day internet wonder, blindly following the haters because its the simple things to do, click like on page or retweet and think there doing something that matters
But there is a small 1% who don’t hate, who don’t want be scarred, who don’t follow blindly, those people get out from behind there computer screens and really do change the world.



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