Ok, want started out as a simple plan which should have taken three weeks is now into its fourth.
I will just recap a little.

Ezri couldn’t go up the Rochdale canal, because of works going on around me, which got me in a little bit of trouble with CRT.

So I looked around and found Droylsden marina which would help me in long run as place to be safe, I put myself on the waiting list but for now I can on the Peak Forest or just before it at the Portland basin

Droylsden is on Ashton Canal which runs though Manchester and traves past the football ground, But to get there I had past though few war zones.

The first thing that happened was I had the canal drain from under me and Ezri had sit at the bottom of the canal for to days.
The second was after spending two weeks at The Hopwood Arms Ezri had been turned around, facing back the way she had come, but that was a simple job to fix and off we went.

The plan was to get to the Rose of Lancashire the pub (not the visiting moorings as they are a lie they is no water point) which did but not with out getting stuck after stopping an over full lock and almost missing the place turning Ezri around. 

We made it but Ezri did show a few signs of wear, working out were to move her to next was a bit of a job, the canal plan web site is all very well but some of the information is out date and the the photos are to.

I will explain want I mean, the canal web said the next save place for over night mooring is The Boat and Horses just outside Chadderton one lift road bridge were Ezri was at the rose

Well no is not, the water is far to shallow to even think about move one inch out of the center let alone trying to moor up which is all concrete blocks with no ring or even space for pins. And the only I found this out was go down there on foot, the day before,

So the trip got one hell of a lot harder add to fact, I am now work so I have leave Ezri looking again at the canal plan was mistake number one, should it tell you the locks, even gives you routes and times on how long but once out dated information.

The trip was meant to take five hours, passing though 20 locks down though the end of Chadderton  Failsworth, Newton Heath, Monsall, Milles Platiting and Ancoats,

Now at high of Ezri first she did five and a half miles following to other narrow boats, from the small village called Altofts to the town of Dewsbury, As said before Ezri was showing signs of wear which should had do something about,

OK I did something I poured water into engine and we set off not smarts move but when your get pushed for time a few other things you just have go.

We did first lock which went well, and were half way though the lift bridge, when as went up in the air a ambulance came down the road all lights flashing and screaming there was nothing we could do I pushed Ezri though and the bridge came down.

I should taken that a sign there and then, after things got worse ever lock was a fight, if it wasn’t pulling things out of the water it was trying to get the gates to work. And many time cound’nt even moor up start the lock before dad reached me. Just sit in middle and hope Ezri did catch on something. Dad even fell in which made me even more on edge and scared

Not only that but people stopping to watch and passing comment as Dad did the lock gates as went down in lock with Ezri. I would like to say two words “F*** Off” no really if your not helping keep your mouth shut and move on.

Out of the 20 people who we passed yesterday we had five who helped or let me know about up come problems thank you thank you.

Then Ezri gave up half way though one lock her engine started to make a very odd sound but in the end were crawling a long, at half six we meet a guy from CRT just outside Monsall who help Dad back to the car which left me to do the lock. That’s when I worked out Ezri there most be something really wrong with Ezri 

We had four lock left and it was eight pm we had started at half ten am, I know we broke the rules and ran late but there was no were moor up and no way I was stopping, just I left the last lock Ezri hit something right in the center but her front rope is that long I threw it over and Dad help me off.

By quarter past nine we made it to New Islington two lock shy of the turning for the Ashton and locked Ezri down and she safe

After ringing the New Islington people I found out I have two free days there which are today and Wednesday I go back to work on Wednesday afternoon, I will see about staying a little long. Because the way Ezri is now it was take an 12 hour even to make it after way up the Ashton let alone all the way to Portland basin.



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