OK So…

OK so as you may have noticed I’ve not posted for a few days despite saying I would be doing more not less. I don’t really understand why myself but I can’t really find the words any more.
I read the pages of Day of the Triffids and they just get lost in my mind and find I have to go back over and over, and still don’t really understand what is going on, or I plan out and half start blog post about Ezri or something for creative day (there sitting half written on this very tablet) then lose the thread of the whole thing.
But if I step away from the computer or pages of the book I find myself running lines or even whole fully formed post, knowing how to get my point across or how to interlink two seemingly unconnected ideas.
This kind of thing has happed before, and I dumped my whole Manchester detective book because of it but and I was able to work past that.
Yet if I think if I go to deep into looking for it I will never find it again.
Writing at one point was easy and fun, but now not so, I will write again, it maybe take a while.    


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