A Little Update

The last thing I posted here was Chapter Five of ‘All The Right Words -John Wyndham’s The Day Of The Triffids’ on the 18 and so far not much else, And I just wanted to explain why. I’v not stopped writing in fact there’s going to be a bit more.
I am going to restart Creative Day no the reason the writing has slowed down is not a lot is going on, Not being able to move Ezri be main point, most of the Rochdale network is under going repair, or had been drained and waiting.
Everyday I could walk up those places take lots of photos but the story would still be the same and no-one wants to keep reading that, and I don’t want to write that.

So here’s what I going to try and do.

All The Right Words will carry on but only one chapter per post as the chapters aren’t all the same length so take long to read and break down.

Narrowboat Ezri will also carry on just when I have something new to tell you about or I can get to film something fun.

Now we come to Creative Day which is going to be a one off blog post about pretty much anything I like, I have done a few before in past the only rule I have for them is they have to be positive, a little bite size run down of something you may find enjoyable.




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