All The Right Words – John Wyndham’s The Day Of The Triffids

The following blog has spoilers

Chapter Five – A Light In The Night.
“Josella began to recover her self-possession. With the deliberate and obvious intention of taking her mind off what lay behind us she asked:”

They head to Clerkenwell because Masen knows a place were they best triffid-guns and masks in the world, but as they do so a huge mob of people being pushed down the street by a triffid, and then at King’s Cross Station the group of people get so big that Masen and Josella have to leave the car to the sea of people. Finding another one this time a station-waggon they mange make it to Clerkenwell and get several excellent triffid guns.
They set off again but this time to find somewhere safe to sleep. Then Josella suggest about getting clothes, Masen says that will be operation number two and one will be picking out a flat.
They find an opulent looking tower block and go around knocking and ringing and if anyone answered they moved on, They tour the flat Josella like the place but Masen dosen’t.
Splitting up and go shopping as Masen leaves he watches a blind young man from the flat two doors down leading a blind woman straight through the window, when the are gone he knows that that end will not happen to him.
Retuning he finds Josella getting dressed so he looks out of the window and says goodbye to the London he once knew, Josella joins him but says goodbye by dressing up.
They sit and Josella talks about her life and how she published a book called ‘Sex is My Adventure’, they go on to talk about what to next places to go and the things to take, but as the night falls they see a light comming from the north-east of the city, which they plan to head it in the day light.
They go to there own beds but the in dark of the city they both hear the sobbing and crying and Josella shares Masen bed.

What I Think.
Now I’ve had a few problem with this chapter not because of the lack of action on Masen part but because of the way Wyndham has wrote Josella. I will start with way he talks about her reaction to touring the flat words like envy, delight, contempt are use to tell us how Masen thinks she feeling and one of the room is describe ‘Josella paused on the threshold of a room rampant with all the most aggressive manifestations of femininity’
Then when she tells him she can’t cook, his reaction is ‘I was afraid of that, there’s an awful lot of things we’re going to learn’ which just pisses me off and can’t hold true has every meal Masen ever had up till now been made by someone else.
I get the whole dressing up thing one last kick before god knows what will happens, the problem I have is how Masen says that she prattled on and how her early life was not remarkable. Half chapter we got on him but just a few word about her childhood.
She didn’t marry at nineteen so had to find a job so wrote a book called ‘Sex is My Adventure’ which in truth is another way Masen can react to Josella live style, as you can guess the book with that kind of title makes Josella a lot of money and banned by some.
All because she left the title to her publishers like a ‘silly girl’. And she was in the middle of writing another to ‘balance’ things up. Masen reaction is ‘With an equally alarming title’ and at the end of all this he says
‘Good night, you vain, sweet vision’ – without the trace of a joke.
So far Josella been almost rapped, been pulled around the blind man, seen her most family dead and Masen call her whole life in question, and take it all because she a woman of the 1950’s.



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