Narrowboat Ezri – The Littleborough Chronicles -No Were To Go

Yesterday was moving day, and that’s what me and my Dad did we moved Ezri. Only not to were we planed and most defiantly not in the way I am meant too.

Let me tell you how things were meant to go Ezri leaves her winter mooring, heads down though two locks a small swing bridge and the before the small village of Millrow and stop for my 14 days, then move on. Plus I was going video the whole thing with use of cheap camera.


So I when through all the checks, to start Ezri’s engine which kicked frist time, but there was a small rattle which made swich off and run round Ezri trying to find were the sound was comming from, turns out the new door handle likes to shake a bit, then I rememded the camera a few bit of masking tape and it stuck to the chimney stack and working
I started Ezri up again and off we went, it all down hill so we have fill the lock up, So I tie Ezri to the post before the lock then help Dad with the gate, No matter how many times I tell him I can do it he always says go back to the boat.
Once the water was level I slowly got Ezri in I tied her to post on the right side and watched as my Dad unlocked the paddle to let the water flow out and Ezri down. We only use one gate so it nice and simple no banging about or being pulled towards the sill.
Ezri was so well behaved it was hard to belive she’d been stood still for 3 months. In no time were heading to the next lock, I started to think about the camera on the front it would record what ever Ezri would face so it would miss out the filling of the lock but would be very good POV so started to film everything else so I could edit the two thing together.
Everything went well Ezri when in then down as the way went and we left the lock just as we found it, Dad got and we headed to the swing bridge and nice half an hour trip, things went that well I started to think more about taking some photos
The swing bridge was simple I have forgot it wasn’t a CRT key one just a lock key thing, we gave the local people a good show, a few had never seen the bridge being used so that was a thing.
Now here is were the trouble started, the spot we found was just after a small fiberglass boat which I know so you would think it would a simple job just morr up behind.
Well I could get Ezri front in even her side but not her end so thinking I could just jump off and pull her in tried that didn’t work, because between the bank and Ezri back was huge stone which no matter how hard we tried would not move.

The plan then was to morr in front but once again we were stopped this times by lots of tree roots and the low water level, so we had three options the first to keep going and end up back at the sandbrook pub, because to get any further down would mean a walk back/bus trip back to the car for my dad. Two find somewhere before there and stop not were I wanted to be but safe or three turn Ezri around.
We picked option two for an hour we tried I even started pulling weeds out the towpath but the level kept get low and our tempers shorter.

In the end I almost grounded Ezri trying to turn her around it was another half hour of dodging Shallows and almost hitting rock did we make it to turning hole before Millrow and boy did I mess that up.
It was like standing on top of huge a coffee grinder pasting oil and water ever few seconds, I can’t really remember how in the end it happened but my and Dad took one control each and had Ezri almost on her side.

In the end I got off and pushed her around with a bit old fence poll I found, It was a bit odd having Dad take over Ezri, but we made back up, we did try again to morr up before and after the swing bridge but no dice.
So back to Littlebrough and a safe place, the problem is that at minute there is only just water to navigate through so all rocks and stuff are now touching the bottom of Ezri and scraping at her propeller. Not only that but that water gets more and more shallow as enter Rochdale and the two huge locks in the town center.

I was looking forward to posting the Ezri POV video well the bit that had gone right, but when I came to replay it I found all had was 3 seconds from the start and a corrupt file.
So the only footage is the lock two stuff and in a way glad because no one what to relive there failure, I have wrote to CRT to explain why Ezri is were she now is I just hope they understand



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