Yesterday after working a little on Ezri, me and my Dad had a little run up to Chelbourne Wharfe, or The Summit I know the stoppage travel notice had gone out, Which in simple words means that from there to Sowerby Bridge the canal is shut, no movement what’s so ever. It a good few miles of canal and locks how it works if your narrowboat is between those to places I have no idea, I guess your stuck there until the notice has been lifted. I have more that once to see for myself but in many places to towpath is shut to. And if you were to move to your boat you not get very far, you see the canal has been effectively split in two as the water at the The Summit has been drained out so that CRT ( Canal and River Trust) can see what dange has been cause by the movemet of the bank further up the network.


Having the canal like this more that a little scary as I can now se
e that the water I once though was very deep and safe is in fact very shallow and full unwated things which would do a hell a lot of danage to Ezri’s underside, I not only saw the odd house bick but a few huge bits scrap metal in bedded in the clay bottom, and to think Ezri had been inches away from them both going up and comming down. All of which will have to clean out before the water can be put back.


It gets never more scary when you think about the lock gates with the water around them they just apper to be so small but once the water has gone there full size is realized all the craftmanship that goes on just to keep a simple thing like a lock gate working. And how far the sill really is away from the back of Ezri when the lock gates shut.
In the next few days I hope to see CRT put the water back in


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