Narrowboat Ezri – The Littleborough Chronicles – After the Winter

I am going to break off from updating you about Ezri’s refit for this blog post, and talk about want happens next.
As my winter mooring will come to an end soon, I need to start to think about moving once again and continuing the adventure that is now my life aboard Ezri. My plan is to travel around the whole of north west England’s canal network and it time criss cross the whole country but that’s long term.
However for now I have work out how much of the Rochdale Canal I can still travel,
My first plan was to turn Ezri around a head back up the way I came and head back to Sowerby Bridge in west Yorkshire, then slowly retrace our journey on parts of the Calder and Hebble Navigation staying off the rivers. Because the first time around was one mad blur and it would give a chance for a proper look around.
But with flooding at the tail end of last year, the canal around there has been left in what can only be called post apocalyptic state with whole sections of banking missing, Narrowboats left high and dry and locks in need of repair, so much so the canal and River Trust have put out advisory travel notices.
As you may have work out this means heading that way may not be the best thing to do, I can however travel down the Rochdale Canal and then all the way into Manchester, some of which I did the first time around but only got as far as The Sandbrook Pub then turning Ezri around to the safe harbour of Littleborough.
So between the Pub and Manchester there are a lot unknowns, and even when I get there it looks like money will play its part first on mooring fees to the private company redeveloping the land around the canal and then again if I want to use the Bridgwater Canal on the other side of Manchester for more than a week.
I have worked out that I can turn Ezri around and head up the Ashton Canal and then the long way back to Sowerby which looks fun out in the countryside once again.
It dose leave me a lot to think about in the next few weeks but for now its back to the refit.



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