You would think that with all the refit jobs I have given myself to do and the fact a few are taking longer that I thought, I would get my head down and work them one at a time one, but the more I look around Ezri was a paint, I can see how the little things can be improved, that’s how and why Ezri now has carpet. I had been thinking about some kind of floor covering but just the odd car mat or rug here and there to stop the mess from the towpaths being walked though.
But all the ones I saw would have to cut up to fit and in the case of the car mat there would only be black/grey colour scheme to pick from, So one quick trip to a carpet warehouse and I brought a carpet end roll which will not only cover the steps both front and back but also the space were I keep the tool and dragon box.


Setting a carpet in Ezri’s is just one huge jigsaw, nothing on her is a straight line even if they look and feel like it, so it very much a case of finding the best line you can and measuring from that point, then turning the carpet roll over and with a stick of chalk draw the lines needed.
To carry on the idea of light and space though Ezri, as I painted the rest of the walls my Dad did the three steps down which now kept in place with double sided tape. I am going to paint the wood trim a little darker blue that walls to tie the whole thing together.


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