I have the whole left hand side of Ezri painted out, from behind her fire place down past the two windows. And with the smaller paint brush I was able to paint around, though and a little over the plate rack which I stuck so I would had to brake it to take it down. So after the paint was dry and because the paint was water base I was able wipe away the extra, but I will go over it again once all the painting is done.
Now we come to the inside of the cupboard even with the lights it was still to dark to use at night, so I gave that a coat of blue and being careful not paint the blackboard.
The painting takes time not because I am slow but because it hard to reach inside the cupboard, as I did this my dad fixed the bathroom cupboard so when I open its not going to fall apart, not only did he do that but I finally got him to take down the wood doors which has made Ezri look bigger, has given me a lot more room and space to put up more lights.


We come back to the bilge pump once again, it make it work all that needs to happen is we wire it up but the pump would just run and run, so just like the one in the shower a switch is needed only this time a waterproof one, not only that but the pump has to flat on Ezri’s hull to work in the right way, finding some thing to attach the pump to will take a little time and it has to done before the wiring takes place.
Now if I am going to paint Ezri’s cabin I may as well paint out the shower room, as Dad had been working in the room he said that if got another brush and bathroom paint he would paint out the shower room.


Like I said before painting takes time, I have found that most of the area needs a least two coats, not only that but with two people working in Ezri I have to be careful were I paint as my dad needs to be able to move around without getting full of blue, yet having said that he has painted himself a few times.
To change the subject at the back of my mind is want happens next I know at the end of the month I will have to move but as things are I don’t have the option to retrace Ezri journey back to Hebden so it looks as if forward it only way to go.


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