In my tin ash bucket now sits the old broken bilge pump, which my dad removed after a little bit of banging and clanging as I painted the rest of Ezri’s left hand side wall.
Unlike the one in the shower room this pump didn’t work, at first that sounded like huge task water on the inside of a boat hull in the wrong place is taken very seriously, so after bailing out the bilge water and trying to make the one work without success there was nothing for it but to remove it and look for a new one.
The internet came in very handy in explaining what kind of pump I would need and how to install one, there are a lot fancy priced ones and it even turned out that I could use the kind of model I have in the shower room but those are three figure sums of money. I didn’t buy a cheep one because I want the pump to last a long time. What I did was go to Gael Force web page were I found one that would work and for a good price, which in less than 24 hours came all the way from Inverness Scotland.


Like I said before painting on Ezri is a little difficult that just throwing a dust sheet over stuff and slopping the paint on the walls, it take a little planing yes I start by covering Ezri but then even before I start the paint I put the unopened tin into a bucket so if Ezri moves about the paint will stay in one place and not spread all over her wood floor, you also have to be careful when the brush touches the walls you have away from yourself so if you slip you don’t end up putting your hands, head or feet in paint. The paint I am using is a water based so most mistake can be wiped out with means of bathroom wipe. With all of the things I have left up, there now little areas that my big brush can’t fit into so I had to get smaller brush to paint above the rails and into the corners but yet it looks like I will need an even smaller brush for the plate-rack and as you can see the form window frames almost match colour, also I put new handle on the blackboard which works very well


Now I have made to sound as if I have left my dad with all the hard work but with Ezri being the size she is there is very little room for two people to work in the same space let alone on the same job but when start on the doors we be taking one each


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