Two jobs done and three to go. Ok its more like two jobs fully complete and one half way started, lets take a look the completed jobs first.
Even having the right tools doesn’t always make job a simple one, the light to see is needed to like I said before all the job was it putting in a switch so the shower pump is controlled.
Sitting on the floor in the semi dark of the small room is hard to see the two black wires and put them into the brass links of the switch, and when the wires are just that little bit big to fit the hole it can get a little frustrating.
Yet even with a second light source the job was made even with the shadows being cast in the wrong place making it harder to see not only for me to but my dad to, but in the end we did make the switch work and pump pump.
The second completed job is the blackboard after painting the cupboard door a second time the next task was to prime it which meant drawing with chalk on the dry paint, I could only find cheep chalk which meant it broke also as soon as I drew something, but the board works so no more forgetting moving days.
So we get to the not so completed job the painting, after picking two colours which will make Ezri brighter inside it was time start.
Now there two ways to do this take everything that not fixed down (curtain rails, wood box and the bed) on Ezri out cover want remains and then paint, or just cover everything and move paint tin around Ezri carefully and slowly changing size of the brush needed.
And as my dad worked on the switch I started to use the second method and so far its worked, starting at the back of the fire place and around the window, I started there so if I need to light the fire later I can do. I still don’t know if I am going to paint Ezri’s roof yet.
The other job are the doors which I want can wait a little bit of the nicer weather.



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