Narrowboat Ezri – The Littleborough Chronicles- The Refit- Watching Paint Dry.

Now it may not sound the most exciting thing to do, but watching paint dry was really one of the jobs I had to do on Ezri this week.
But I getting a little a head of myself so let me take you back to this time last week, my Uncle Andrew came to help remeasure the wood for the doors and help with a few other solutions, the best one being around the small port hole widows using blue Styrofoam to stop the heat loss.
Things would take a few days to get together, but there were a few jobs I could get on with in mean time, the first being the shower room pump switch, working out which colour paints work best, painting the chalkboard door and a little bit of engine maintenance.
Taking the easiest job first, the maintenance which meant pouring antifreeze/coolant into the engine and then running it for a few minutes, I have done this a few times only those times with pure water so I quick read of engine manual was done to make sure I got the right mix.
The next job was the shower pump, being be low the water line the used water in the just sits at the bottom of the tray, so you have pump it out, now I have a working pump and two ends of wire put the two the ends together to pump works, and that fine but of two things, the pump will be always on and second water and electricity. So a switch is needed, I have the switch I was already to but it in but I don’t the right tools just yet so that will have to wait.
Now we come to the fun colour, I have wrote before about my plan for this so it was time for action I used something called Dulux Visualizer which lets you paint which lifting a finger or spending any money over a few hours choose fours colours which looked as if they would work, Even then I didn’t really think they would work so went and brought four test pots and paint for the blackboard.
Now with everything together in place all that was left to do was it put the blue foam into the window gap and paint, two of the colours I picked have worked and the blackboard needs one more coat so all in all a very good few days.



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