Painting in a house is faintly simple job, you find the colour you like for the kind of room you have and paint.
But not so in a Narrowboat, to begin with all the walls are wood, second is the fact that your painting the whole space not just one wall or the ceiling so the colour of the paint has work all the way though.
Ezri has a little shower room so that is going to be simple I just buy a tin of bathroom white paint and when all the small job in there are done I paint.
But then we come to the rest of her, I don’t want to have a nice shower room but a scruffy living space, and painting her all white would just be a pain to keep clean.
So my first idea was to buy shed paint (beach hut) which comes in a few light colours and can be used to paint wood, but there again lies an issue, most of the paint shades had a seaside or silly water theme. Yes Ezri is a boat but I not having her look like a stick of Blackpool rock (candy cane).
Looking around I found something called furniture paint which used people use to make things look shabby chic; simply put means you strip down something like a chair or table to the bare wood, them paint it dark blue/yellow or whatever then before its dry throw glitter all over but I have leave some of the wood showing,
I don’t mind the colours but the glitter you can keep.
What I did see that looks interesting is something called blackboard paint which turns any kind surface into a blackboard which you can then write on.
Now Ezri’s walls are curved so its hard hang thing on then, I can stick things up but in the end they fall down, but if I could write on the walls say how long I have been in a place or want days I am working that would help a lot.
Now before you think I going to go mad and paint Ezri totally black I just talking about the food cupboard  door just over the cooker were I can see it everyday.
So after four days I have worked out a plan of action, picked two colours one for the showeroom and one for the small cupboard door hopefully by the end of next I can actually start something.



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