Having spent the last few days confined inside Ezri because of the rain, and also having more that a month left on my winter mooring, want better time see to all those little jobs that need doing and put a bit of colour about the place.
One of the jobs I want to get done kind of a mini refit, the doors at the front of Ezri, there look a bit scruffy and let the weather in a little.
Before you think I mad by taking the doors off in this weather but I not talking about the whole door, I talking about the wood on the inside of metal door frame.
Its not really up to sniff, its resisted in the middle which makes it hard to find blots and locks to fit right across, and a long top and bottom.
The ones I have work but I know they can be better plus the air vents let to much of the weather in. Which is fine in the summer months but even with Ezri’s fire on you can feel the wind though the vents
The other major job is the engine bay bilge pump, On our way here I had it going just fine but somewhere a long the way it stopped working. So that needs looking at, a fun little job being up to my arms in cold engine water and even better if the rain would stop
Now we get to the more simpler jobs of the refit, Ezri literally has a few screws loose which need making fast or swapping out all together and then we come to the floor.
Stepping into Ezri I kind of bring all the world in with me and Ezri being a small boat the mess quickly adds up so a door mat of some kind is needed, as for the colour once the doors have been done to I will think about painting the inside. The shower room will white but as for the rest of her I will just have go and see what works.
Hopefully all the jobs will be done before time is up here at the winter mooring, and Ezri and I will once more join the adventurers on the canal


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