Narrowboat Ezri – The Littleborough Chronicles – Luckily Me

Some people say it a pain to work on boxing day, but all I can say it that I thankful for it, because as I worked the Manchester City football match the bad weather closed in on Littlebrough, and the rain poured down so much so the main street flooded.


As I was working I didn’t know totally was going on, so it was only when I was able to use my phone and see for myself did I see how bad things really were.
Ok the canal is on a higher point of the town, but it has been know to over flow.
Work ended around six o’clock so I was in no fit state to head to Ezri, and be sides want could I have done the whole road was shut and the emergency units would be dealing with evacuating people from there water filled homes or building makeshift defensive barriers.
The worst that could happed would be Ezri slipping her morinngs and be flowing free, or stuck on the bank or towpath.
So I sat at my dad’s and watched the news reports and found out that whole of north west was under water starting in Hebden Bridge and all the way down into the center of both Rochdale and Manchester and even here in bury.


The only thing is all I could was wait, Ezri is a Narrowboat she’s made to float, there people who have lost there homes and businesses even so maybe a lot more.
I waited until Monday, and me and dad made the trip, we made it out of bury and into Rochdale and all the water had been pumped away so we carried on, still unsure want we would find.
And when got there the only thing that gave any hint that something had been wrong was the broken traffic lights, at the bottom of the road.
As for Ezri she remind untouched, she looked a little scruffy but so would you if you had been stood out in the rain for a few days, stepping inside everything was were I had left it even the small wood block in the door, her engine started first time and she still had power.
After checking all this I got to do something cool which was give Ezri her name, unlike most boats Ezri dosen’t have her name on her side, but now thanks to my sister in law Kaite who had Ezri’s name printed up. Ezri has her name on a sign it maybe a little thing but it means a whole lot


Even the canal around her was clam Ok 90% of the moor land mud is flowing down it but all in I am very luckily, if I had not changed my mind a few weeks ago and had still been running the canal, I would have stuck in the floods both Hebden Bridge and Todmorden.
All I can do it hope that the people of Littleborough are as luckily as I have been.


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