So Ezri now sits only a few 100 yards away from her winter mooring, safe and sound.
It took days me and my dad getting her here but that was the plan. Locks you see are used to drop you down and pick you hills and getting to the winter mooring meant 12 locks in all, four going up and eight going down, all which need much TLC to make them work.
And after the winter weather has played merry hell the task gets harder, and the last time we did try and move Ezri the locks didn’t even open.
This time wrapped up against the cold weather and begin.
The first four locks take us back over the Yorkshire and Lancashire boarder which sounds simple and on the warm mid summer I did last time was, the time is taken up by the letting the water out so Ezri can sail inside.
Then fulling up the lock so Ezri is level and can move to the next, but I also have to keep my eye on the water level Ezri sails in so she doesn’t ground herself on the canal bed or hit something in the water.
Having do this before, I am four or five steps ahead for my dad, which as you can imagine can cause some problems.
After I tie Ezri up there are only so many things that need doing, after letting the water out, So my mind moves on the next lock, forgetting I have my dad there who in ten minutes time will need to have the red rope thrown up so he can tie off.
Plus being at the bottom of the lock makes me feel a little helpless, he’s up there letting in all that water on his own what if something goes wrong, I can’t help him until one of two things happen I can reach the ladders and climb or Ezri is level so I can step off.
So together we open the gate and I get back on, and I drive Ezri on the next lock, I do try and get closes so Dad can get back but sometimes its hard to pull Ezri back to the bank.

Thankfully after the locks going up it was a lot simpler going down, I tied up Ezri walk over the lock make sure the lock was full then open the paddle and push open the lock gate closes to Ezri, (with the paddle open your not pushing against the water)
Slowly float Ezri in tie up and once again feel helpless as Dad lets all the water out, but going down I know that there are points were I can step off before he gets in real trouble, now only that going down the ladder into the lock is I think safer that going up.
The weather meant that all the locks were full so no waiting around for them to fill, in fact once or twice we flooded the towpath but when Ezri moved on to the next lock the water came with us, so no lasting damage was done.
But just like the last time I was three steps ahead, it did help a bit when we came to short lock, (that is a lock with a short push point) We worked the lock rocking it until it open and I climbed down back on to Ezri running her roof.
The only other problem we had was huge tree which got suck in the top of the lock gate, at first I though it was blocking the whole right gate but after opening it dad was able to push it out of the way. Having the water under Ezri meant she when like dream, she stopped when I asked her to, she came back into the bank when I pulled her ropes. All in all things worked out well Ezri is safe for the winter now, and rest can take care of itself




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