With fire blazing away, Ezri is so warm I am in shorts and t-shirts but outside is force 2 gale as the winter takes hold which two weeks ago wasn’t a problem. But its moving time again so a plan is needed, I can move back to the quay I was in which down over the Lancashire and Yorkshire border a trip I have done twice now, a matter of 12 locks and one over night stop, in fact its the same thing I did on the way down. But the rains coming so I have to be quick.

To late the rain came, and not only that there flood warnings for the whole of the North West of England so it looks like plan B turn Ezri around and head back to were I had the horse adventure, which is only four locks and that will give me two weeks, so running from point A to B for the winter mouths is do able right.

Now wrong I was the small window of good weather lasted all of three hours, which would have worked if the second lock gate had opened, It just wouldn’t open no matter how hard we tried
Me and me and dad got so wet though that it took three hours to get dry, and the rain came down so bad we’re half blinded by it I can’t be doing that every two weeks.

So its now plan C I have a winter mooring for a little over £200 it starts on the 1st of December and ends the last day February I know there the place and its safe. Its a lot better than moving every two weeks I know there are few people out there saying to should have been plan A.
But when I first looked into the cost of the winter mooring I was quick and didn’t do the maths right, and came out with a huge four figure sum which was a little off putting, having looked at the numbers again I think its the only real solution.

I will get the hang of the whole new lifestyle soon…



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