All The Right Words – John Wyndham’s The Day Of The Triffids

I have a very odd library of stories one of which is John Wyndham’s The Day Of The Triffids in fact I have three versions/ adaptations of the story and have found out that there is fourth eBook; but its missing a few scenes, and that got me thinking, how much of real story John Wyndham wanted to tell is left in versions/adaptations I have and how or why things have been changed.

For my comparison I will be using a Penguin Book of the original novel printed in 1972, and then the two BBC television drama serials one broadcast 1984 and the second 2001, I will not be comparing the visual affects I will be looking at the story line and characters.

I will even be looking at the official sequel The Night of The Triffids by Simon Clark, because being official it count as canon and as the original story was written in the 1950’s I am intrigued on how will be handled. I know it has been made into audio drama so once it will be story line that I will be following.

Unlike my other reviews I am going to be reading two chapters of  both novels and then write about what has happened, and the same with the TV/audio dramas has they have been split into chapters as well.

As you may has guessed there will be spoilers. At the start of each blog post I will say it only once so it will up you if read them or not but the book has been out for 64 years and the sequel for 14.

I will start with original book and the first post will be up on Monday afternoon 12:00 pm UK time and will be the cover of the book I have.



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