I sit in the glow of Ezri’s first fire of the winter it not sound very much to you, but it was a thing I have been putting off and then trying to do for a long time.
I have grown up in a house with real working fire places, as a kid one of the signs of winter would be my Dad going to buy a big bag of coal.
So you have though I would be good at starting and keeping a fire in. Well no such luck I have put out many a fire in my time.
And having one on Ezri filled me both fear and hope. Fear because of want if I got it wrong and set Ezri a lit and hope because I could have heat and not have to use gas all the time
The first thing is have the time I can’t walk away once it lit, so I needed to make sure I could keep my eye on, evening time is best not early the heat would got to waste and not to late it would dark, My dad helped me out by laying the wood paper and fire lights so all that needed to be done was I lit it at the time I though was right.
I stuck the match lit the paper it flamed for a few seconds then when out, I tried again the same thing happen, the air in the flue was putting the paper out so I pulled the paper away from the air flow and it stayed lit this time,
It stayed lit but bunt out most of the paper so a quick dig around I found my old maps so in they went wrapped around a bit of wood just to make sure and we had fire lots of lovely fire.
And smoke, lots and lots of smoke  the top of the fire box was smoke, Ezri was full of smoke, even with all the windows, flue and doors open to much smoke, for an hour she looked like a steam train smoke everywhere.
A splashes of water on the pipe flue and on the fire box and the smoke had gone and the heat is the only thing filling Ezri now, so much so I can walk around in bare feet.
I did have coal but a few weeks ago someone took it so this box of wood will have to do for now but I don’t want to use it in the one night so just before seven I think I will stop.




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