Now this blog entry has no real ending, and I know one person who will be upset with it, but I going to tell it anyway,
On Tuesday morning around half past ten, a small horse walked past Ezri, now I have seen a woman with a donkey and pony so I thought nothing of it, so I waited for someone to come running past trying to catch up with the horse, but no one did.
The way the horse was heading was into the village and then maybe on the road, so I when to see but luckily it had stopped just at the next lock and begin to eat the grass, by this time a small group of people had started to gather around which the horse didn’t like one bit.
Not knowing really want to do, I just stood there as a woman called her friend thinking it maybe her horse, all decided that we cound’nt let to carry on to the village it needed to be safe.
Around the place there are a few open fields so four of us carefully and slowly walked into a field, after a few minutes the woman would had been called turned up.
And unfortunately it was not her horse but with her came a young woman who it two seconds flat had walked up the horse worked out that it had been dumped and that it was in need of food.
So off they when leaving me just to make sure the horse stayed in the field, they did come back armed with with food and something called a bridal the idea was to feed the horse and walk her to the farm the girl came from, but that didn’t walk the horse kept jumping about.
So the girl rang place called HAPER which is like the RSPCA for horse, they came and said that as the horse was in no danger they couldn’t just take it away, as they would have to tranquil it and that it had be done early in the day not at two o’clock which it now was.
As you can guess this didn’t go down very well with the girl, as the horse could run off again, but the guy was dammed if he did and dammed if he didn’t.


You can’t just take a horse even if it been left, there are rules which have to be followed, the guy left and the girl asked me to keep an eye on the horse so I did and she came back with more food and her whole family.
As I waited the second time one of the workers from the school farm who’s field it is told me the horse had been in the field before but had walked in the electrical fence they use for the two dairy cows, so guess that’s way it was running down the towpath.
He did say if the horse is still here on Saturday that action will taken and the horse will be taken in care
After the girl came back that last time with her family, I haven’t see her again but I have been out walk and not got back until late so if she has been back I can’t tell you.
The horse however has stayed, and just goes on eating the grass, it been three days now so hopefully the horse has the good sense to stay put and get the help its needs. 


That was yesterday but just as I was about to publish this HAPPA (right spelling this time) have turned up to take the horse away, so there is a happy ending, 



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