Narrowboat Ezri – Tales from the Towpath

I will get back to the history lesson very soon, but for now I thought I will fill you in on the things that have been going on in the last week.

Ezri had been at home just outside the village of Summit which is really just the other side of the border Lancashire / Yorkshire, after that it was just as few yards away of a big narrowboat which had been there for a few weeks before.

It rained most of the time which meant, not going anywhere or doing much of anything.

But I did walk down back to Littleborough to see if there was anyone about the only boats I did see were two boats I knew but not owners,

Tuesday was a better day I had another boat pull up the night before it was a little odd having three of us, in such a small place, but the other did move on the day after, I even meant them as they when down into Littleborough,

So we come to Thursday the rain had stopped and the sun was trying to dry out the towpaths, so it was time to move on a little, but not turning back to Littleborough just yet I want to have look around the places I when though finding a safe place.

The only odd thing to happen was that I meet the same man who had been checking on the locks as I made my way up to Littleborough, but this time he was not only looking at the lock but I think he was checking on the boats to, He didn’t remember me he just tapped at his ipad, so if I get a letter I will know why, its a bit of waste as I have now moved on.

Having help moving Ezri lets me relax a little more and even play with the video on my phone, I could take photos after photos but you don’t really get the true feeling of being there on Ezri’s back deck.


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