Waking up back at Chelbourne Wharf was a little bit surreal, as if the few weeks at Littleborough were all some funny dream, the night before I had walked along the towpath and worked out were Dad could park the car as he said he would like to help me and Ezri though the remaining locks.
Unlike the last post I not going to name the locks as there are only a handful we past though. Bit we did cross the Yorkshire and Lancashire border again.
Having someone with me was a bit odd, the system I use gets tweaked a lot,
We tie up just before the lock and then walk over to lock itself, most of the time without thinking about it I start to open the paddles letting the water in or out which ever is needed, leaving whoever is with me just standing there to watch.
This happen twice when Dad was helping the first time as I was getting out of the lock and Ezri’s rope slipped out my hand,
So Ezri bounced around the lock until I could get hold of the rope again, I know now I should just thrown Dad the rope and let him tie off but I didn’t just when it muscle memory mode. There was another boat wanting to come down so they were of help to dad in opening the gate
The gap between the lock just after Chelbourne Wharf and the next is a matter of five minutes walk but in Ezri say about fifteen, Its the highest lock in England last I was going up this time were going down.
It was fun just be moving again I even got a few photos the lock its self was bit odd but in time everything worked out.
Now we come the swing bridge I had forgot there was a little footbridge so that made things a lot simpler in fact it took less time that the lock to do.
There was second boat heading down towards us so we had some rest time, only thing was that they make the mistake everyone does, when you come into the lock which ever way it is people try and move the lock gate with paddle down/shut now a gate is around 15 tons and they try to move it against the flow of water.
What I have found is that if you open the paddle or leave it open just a few inches the gate with move more easy because the water is going though not around the 15 tons of wood and steel.
Now we come to second time I mistimed something it was as we were in the second to last lock, Ezri was in the top of the lock and were going down hill I had got off Ezri and show Dad how the lock key, she was tied on and I was getting back to just be with her as she went down.
I wrapped my hands around her rail a stepped out only for her to slid from under my left leg and slip bang I hit Ezri if I hadn’t had my hand under Ezri’s rail I would have ended up in the water suck between the lock wall and Ezri a little bit of close call.
My left side is a little bruised and the wind was knocked out of me for a few seconds but I carried on and got Ezri to her safe place.
We have been here before and there is another boat just up by the lock so things are fine, Dad knocked in Ezri’s mooring pins so now all that left is to reestablish my routine here for the next few days


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