As you may have guessed from the title, Me and Ezri have moved from the small quay were we have been for the few weeks, I should explain the continuous cruising rules, they say you are required to move to a new place at least once a fortnight.
I thought that being the small quay would have tweaked the rules a little but no the nice people from the Canal and River Trust sent me a letter asking me to move out the general area. Now the tone of the letter is bit big brother using words like “our sighting records” and Ezri’s index number, to read Ezri’s you have to be stood next her or have very good eye sight and if people are watching I would like them to talk to me and the other boat owners not waste money with letters, just a word in friendship that’s all as we are all trying get a long. 
So anyway Wednesday, we moved this time heading back up to a place called Summit/Chelbourne were I could stay 24 hours and then move on a little more, a matter of nine locks
Pike House Lock No. 45
Sladen Lock No. 44
Thickone Lock No. 43
Second below Punchbowl
First Lock below Punchbowl
Punchbowl Lock
Second below West Summit
First below West Summit 
Which in fact retrace of the journey we had made get down into Littleborough, only this time I knew all the ins and outs
I reached the first of the locks at five past ten am, I know that because I was going to turn this trip into a slow adventure having rushed it the last time.
Ezri tied up the water came out of the lock and Ezri when in, but could I get the water to rise could I sod, the paddle on the top would not move one inch, I was luckily the lock gate was a little leaky so in time the water in rise and Ezri did come up.
As I stood there even a small group of walkers tried but it was only when Ezri was about three foot from the top did someone else try and you guess it up the paddle came, it was almost 11 by the time we reached the next lock which went like clock work.
Tie Ezri up open the paddle let the water out, move Ezri in, up the ladder shut the lock gate, let the water in Ezri rises up, open the lock gate tie up Ezri up shut the gate move on, simple.
The next to lock are not as easy the ladders are some how in the wrong place on the way down they are to far forward so you have to run the roof and on the up ladder is cut off when you open the lock gate.
I guess my luck was in because as I was trying to work out how we were going to do this two volunteer Canal and River Trust people were making their way so they helped me thought the first lock and that was wonderfully simple but as I came out heading to the second I grounded Ezri so they had to help with second lock, that left me with two more to do on my own.
I worked out if got Ezri in to the lock tie her up and slowly opened the paddle then ran to the next lock and let the water out of it I wouldn’t ground Ezri and could be half done for the last lock,
Ezri was rising nicely and I was walking up the lock when group of ten walks came down towards me, I had my windless in hand and they past me one of the woman turned and said “go on get your job done” as if I was some teenage kid, I guess she though I had been sent by someone back down the canal to run forward and open the gate.
I felt like saying a few rude words, it really got to me after all I not just some kid and people who think they know.
And by the time I had worked the last lock it was half past two so it was time stop and pull up for the night back at Chelbourne Wharfe.
Were most two months ago I had half killed myself to get to but now the only thing that prayer on my mind was want I would have for tea.

All the photos I took for the day can be found in link above


2 thoughts on “Narrowboat Ezri – Moving Day – Part One

  1. A couple of things- sorry if this is teaching grandma……….
    CRT actually have people whose job it is to log all boats on the system. Each data logger carries an iPad giving access to CRTs licencing system and each logger covers a specific length of canal. They claim to log every mile once a fortnight and more often in honeypot sights such as popular VMs. They have tightened up considerably and there is no leniency on the 14 day rule anymore. It sounds like you have received the first letter in the enforcement process in which case you are now on their watch list and if you are not careful they will refuse a licence on next renewal or only offere 3 or 6 months while you “prove” you are following their cc rules. Hope you avoid this 🙂 Cheers John NB Samsara ccer

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