Yesterday was all fixing things and making plans, Me and my dad put the engine cover in place and put one metal trims in place so it won’t split like the last, you may say well that sticks out or that the wrong colour well I don’t care, first if I sat down slow chipped away at the cover it would take hour I don’t own any power tool is not work of art it fits and looks right second colour will Ezri is steel and been out in all weather the cover is new and so is the paint.

So we have today which started after I had made a breakfast listening to a few new podcasts after that I went for a small walk to Hollingsworth lake about 30/40 minutes walk from were Ezri is, I done it before but in the rain and on a Sunday, I didn’t walk all the way around this time, Just took a few photos and walked back into town.

Half way back remembered I was running low on pop (soda for friends in US) but I didn’t have my bag with me, but I when anyway, which turned out a little mistake on my part two bottles, small pot of mustard and a four pack of muffins later I was back at Ezri.

I finished the rewrite on new Alec book but more of that soon, then when for another smaller walk only to the bridge before the turning point, that over into a little path which took under the train, and onto the main road, were I had walked down and back up well I was Walsden.

That I call lazy day as I didn’t really have a plan just stayed in 50 minutes walking distance of Ezri, but I do have to be on my toes soon, because the guy who next to Ezri has moved his boat down to the water point which is right but he then stayed on that side of the bank, which is  private land, so he may back up any day or worse, tell who asked him to move that he can’t because I here, (you can get three boat in this space) which opens another mess.

Yes I know I have here in this spot two weeks and a few days but I not doing anyone/anything harm, and if I was to move there are three places I could be and still be able to get to work in less than three hour (time 1h 45m) if wanted a winter mooring it would cost £9.50 per meter per month and that would just were I came back to by the lock gate at the bottom.

The other place Todmorden is just a bad around £10, on the main canal but here I can get around and be out of the way and be safe fixing Ezri up for the winter,  both of which I have to qualify if even to begin with so sod that

Sorry this turned into a little bit of a rant, but lazy days are like that to much time to think about stuff, the next blog post is going to be about the history of the canals, Ezri and traveled in getting here, a more in depth look at the journey to.



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