Ok so yesterday I went for a walk, the idea being I would take photos of all the things I missed on the way here then write about then, starting with smaller places and then a walk back into Rochdale, I wanted to start with Hebden Bridge as I only spent 12 hours there and it would nice have another look around.
So off I went following to path back up the way I have traveled all that time ago, the summit is the easy bit I have walked it many times, it really a big hill heading up to the  Yorkshire and Lancashire boarder again a trip of around 30 minutes (it took me and Ezri two days but that’s because of the lock and I stopped at the top of the summit)
The next place is the village of Walsden as you talk under the small road bridge you will see the past in the very stone its self


The horse rope used to pull the old working boats something people walk past everyday without seeing, most of old factory have been pulled down or now house so I carried on walking into the town of Todmorden the place were I left Ezri when she had been over heating,
There are six step lock on the way which gave me one hell of headache when I had to travel up then  but just before town and after the locks there a strange little place on the other side of the bank


It looks like an old loading point I know the staircase is new but the rest of it is old there little doorway so people must have used them of something, I keep thinking must have been driving Ezri with my eyes shut to miss something like that.
Todmorden itself is a little market old town which dose it best to keep everyone happy trying to stay old world but with one foot in the future where else could you see the boardway show avenue Q one night and folk dancing the next.
Now the hard part Hebden Bridge it was a simple job of following the path so knew were to go.
I past Eastwood but Clint wasn’t in so I went back to taking photos


When reached here which just before a place called Charlestown and the sky when black the rain clouds came rolling over, this lock was the last one one did on the way to Littlebrough when I got so wet I had change my clothes three times in one day, so you can guess I was unsure if I should carry but I did, and want happened next the rain came not just rain but hale


I  couldn’t help but laugh the same lock the same weather fate is funny that way, only this time I didn’t have anywhere to change so I turned around and started the walk back, the rain did stop in fact it stopped that much that the sun came out and dried me a bit,
On the way back though Walsden I did see a funny thing a first I though it was a hay bale but it was to close to the water then it move and it was only 200 yards away from it I could tell it was a Llama just one standing a little field all on its own


The rain but a end to my walk but it didn’t put an end to me seeing the strange and unsual.


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