Narrowboat Ezri – The Littlebrough Chronicles – Outside and Inside

Last week was all about painting, this week is about getting to fit I wrote last time about Ezri’s engine board and how my Uncle Andrew made one for me, and wrote to about my Dad painting it well today we tried to fit, using the trolley from Ezri dad brought it up the hill as removed the old one cleaned to water channel the colour match is amazing Ok its a little light but that’s just the weathering.
We put the board in the gap but its just a few millimetres big so needs to be cut down, which Dad will do at home then repaint it, the metal rims will have just be put on later or not at all they were just an idea to stop the board spilling.


The inside job was to add little colour to Ezri’s wood walls, I could get to some wood paint and spend days doing that and nights at home so I don’t end up dead from fumes, but no a few pictures would be better and comic ones would be amazing,
So I printed out a few of the Red Panda ones two colour three black and white.
Now hanging a picture up in a house is easy but on a Narrowboat the walls curve in so if hang something up the end sticks out.
What I have done is printed out on photo paper, picked images that I reprint if needed and used double sided tape. I did notice that once they were up in place I couldn’t move them so I think they will rip if I move them but they look fine for now.





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