Narrowboat Ezri – The Littlebrough Chronicles – All The Trimmings

Monday is my first real day back at Ezri, and she has company two fiberglass 20 feet boats one with working engine the other without.
I don’t know how long they have been here, but both guys are very friendly so that’s something, they have both come from Manchester one boat pulling the other. There is talk of one them moving in the next few days but who knows if they do.
Well back to the point of this post, I am setting everything up for winter all the little jobs that need doing, I making sure that they get done, I don’t want the snow and the cold weather beating though Ezri’s door,
The job I can do on my own is paint the sliver trim around the windows, may of the boats I have seen have brass, What I have is a tin of gold paint which work very well I have done one side and Ezri’s tiller now she looks a little better.
But the other main job is her engine bay cover, simply put its a sheet of wood which covers the engine crawl space, the one that sit there now is no better than fire wood, split, cracked and feels as if it will give way any second.
Talking this problem over with my uncle Andrew he asked for the size and the type of wood and in less that 24 hours I have a sheet which fits the space, I have paint so it will match Ezri but want I also have are metal strips which will run the length of the wood so its not split, I am going to paint the trim so it will all marry up and make Ezri look fancy.
And if the sunshine holds the next and last job will be painting Ezri’s name on her but that will require a very steady hand, marine paint and letter stencils



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