Narrowboat Ezri – The Littleborough chronicles – In Quay

I did say I would post a new video showing Ezri moving from the bank side to the quay but I only remembered half way though the lock and then worked out I forgot the right camera phone, so my apologies for that,
So I try and talk about the move in detail,
After fixing up the draught excluders dad and me begin to untie Ezri, I took the center rope off first as I would need to use it for the lock tie, then the back which made Ezri’s tail move up (the bit were I stand if want to be technical) so I ran a long her side and Dad got in front pulling up the rope as he came.
I had Ezri running but let her drift a little then slowly moved her forward, it was an odd feeling just a light touch and we were racing.
Ezri hadn’t moved for about five weeks but there was no  problems or trouble she knew even before be I asked.
Taking on water was so simple to I didn’t even have to use my own pipe ten minutes and we were fill, a few seconds push of power and we were mooring up at the bottom of the lock, two wraps and Ezri was tied
Dad waited with her as worked the lock water out gate open, all muscle memory no rush no fuss.
I untied Ezri and dad walked to lock he did say just tell him want to do and he would do, but I was relaying on my memory and Ezri on to show me to way so it was little hard explain want I wanted, he do shut the lock gate behid Ezri so that was a help


Rope in hand I climbed the ladder tied Ezri up and worked the paddles, the left one as you come up has no latch so you have hold it in place, but only opening one gate makes things a little harder so I walked around and opened the other paddle as always Ezri bounced about a little, dad did think she was going catch on the side as I walked around I showed him as just push her back and it was here at this I remembered the video I was meant to do.
I took a photo of Ezri when she reached the top then waited, Dad opened the gate and Ezri sailed though just tapping the right gate just to make sure I was paying attention,
The next part was a little bit more difficult putting Ezri tail in to the old quay, Dad pushed her tail out so really all I had to was swing but the flow of water made want to go backwards into the lock, pushing hard I made her move right but she did touch the round end of the lock but one more push and she was moving backwards into the quay Dad pulled her close and we tied up.
The metal mushrooms are just that little to far a part to use Ezri is only 35foot there is even room for another boat next Ezri, so I using my pins still and so far I feel a lot safer and ready for the bad weather. 



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