Narrowboat Ezri – The Littleborough Chronicles – Gold and bold.

This week I was planing to get all the little jobs done before winter comes, but once again two things for work got in the way, first I have to fill in a information sheet for a security check so I can work Rugby World Cup which meant that were was a lot of messing about, the second was I had pay for my work shoes to be sole and heeled

Then I couldn’t find what I needed for Ezri here in Littleborough so I had to come home, and look for the door seal brush and gold paint, I did find the paint but not the brushes
That takes us to Thursday and after looking on the internet I did find want I was looking for was at screw fix, door seal brush for those who don’t know cover the door gaps and keep out the wind, so off I went to see Ezri.

She was still there safe and sound but the same can’t be said for the guy who had pulled Ezri back into the bank I have no idea were he went or when he went but I think its time I did the same, So on Monday with my Dad’s help Ezri will get filled with fresh water and the up the hill we will go.
It has to be Monday because I’m working Sunday and on Thursday it took time to mark up the door seal and dry the gold paint I used.

What about yesterday and Saturday I hear you cry will we got three days of rain in two hours on Friday and I saw no point in going to Ezri to get wet and Saturday my dad goes watching football so it would take me two hours to get there and another two hours to get back.
So four hours even before I start thinking about moving Ezri and working the lock, so all in all not how I wanted the week to be.

The only good thing I guess is I will have something to talk about on Wednesday and hopefully and video up on Thursday of the move.



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