So the first entry will be a little bit of a cookery show, people think because you on a boat you can cook real food, which not true at all I have the same of cooker most people have in there homes only a little smaller.
Today’s (all filmed Sunday) meal will be noodles and prawns and not a ready made thing.
I first put the noodles in some water for around ten minutes to make them soft and lit to rings on the cooker as you can see holding camera and opening things with one hand can be hard, so I did pause now and then but only to be safe.
So I warmed up some rapeseed oil about three drops waited until it was hot them opened a window, I put in the prawns which were from one of the only two supermarkets here were brought the day before, they were warming up a little to quick so switched them around.
The noodles just had to boil a bit them add in the flavour in this beef, so as the prawns were warmed though I kept them moving.
The noodles became super soft and I added the beef flavour, and waited until I was happy they did taste of beef and change colour a little
I did try and not speak, I have said before my voice doesn’t sound real to me but I know something slipped though.
I hope you enjoyed my first video and I hope there will be more come


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