Narrowboat Ezri – Being back home

The last few days I have been away from Ezri work saw to that, but now I back sitting on my sofa watching two other boats moor up around her, with my food cupboard full and with a new toys in place of my laptop.
Ezri is my home now, I don’t have to move her for the next few days and I feel safe, no more looking at maps working out were I am if people need to find me, no feeling sick when I leave her to find food, no  more panic when we try a moor up.
I can start to make plans, learn the way things are around here, its an odd feeling, the past three weeks Ezri was always moving, always just here and there for 24 hours but now, we are here for how ever long we feel like it.
And thanks to the new toy I have I can restart my blogs and not have to worry about how long I have left on the battery, I even get some TV  which is nice, all the little things are fitting into place.
Things are beginning to feel the way they did when I first though about buying Ezri, I guess its all about the mind set.
I have come home and Ezri is it 


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