Narrowboat Ezri – Run Home or Ezri makes brake for it

The day started at 5:00 pm I didn’t sleep much, the sick feeling still jumping around in the pit of my stomach, I knew I couldn’t push Ezri into the unknown of by going forward, and there was no way I was staying were I was, the nightmare of the evening still hanging over me.
Littleborough was safe and I knew were I could get from there to work in less that two hours. The job became how to turn Ezri around a thing I had done three or four times by accident but now I had to do it for real,
6:30 and I had turned Ezri half way around, Ezri sideways touching the bank I had done this lots of times just a simple case of walking along her side and pushing her backwards but this time she  moved sideways and suck so out came the block of wood two more big pushes still didn’t move her so there was nothing for it but to push off the bank
Something you have to be quick to do and keep hold of the front rope to pull her back so you can get back on, but the only thing I wanted to do was get the hell of the place so I laid down and pushed with my feet she moved and as she did I remembered the rope so I reached missed a fell forward head first not onto the side of the bank but into the water,
My feet hit the bottom so stood up the water only came to the top of my jeans the saving grace was I was able to pull myself back onto Ezri she was facing the right way but as wet as I was wasn’t going stay I could get change later. Engine back on I moved forward but within seconds we hit something again I pulled back and Ezri started to smoked and as if answer the rain came.
This time we were really suck and there was nothing I could do, piss wet though both by the rain and canal I screamed to sky Ok it was pointless thing to do but it made me feel better. Then the grown up me took over I knew I had to get changed a fast for god knows what had been poured into the canal, dry but still with need to get away I called for help my Dad its amazing to be able to have someone outside the problem to talk to and help out so half a hour later him holding on the front rope we freed Ezri and I set off in the pouring rain and dammed if I was stopping.
Retracing the path I had taken the night before was last manic but the rain didn’t made it easy I even had to wear  shoes without socks painful but but it worked, I made it back to Littleborough over joyed to be safe and well, if not dry but Ezri was home no more running, no more locks and no more feeling lost.
I tied Ezri up phoned my Dad and told him I would stay the night but needed to get a few thing clean and he remind me I would working Sunday so to would an idea to come back for a few days.
Littleborough will be were me and Ezri will call home for now I can run up and down the locks and still be able to get to work to pay my bills, I left Ezri on Tuesday morning with one of my dragon boxes fill of washing and the toys and rested.
Thursday how ever I wanted to go back she see her so we drove the 20 minutes and to my shock she had been moved you see that morning she want for a swim pulled out her mooring pins and headed back towards the lock but thankful the guy in the boat behind me was able to bring her back the mooring pins were still linked to the ropes so that wasn’t the problem (if nothing else I have learn how tie a knot) the hammer I have it to small for the job.
Make out want you will from all that but Ezri is home so the fun work can start now.   


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