Narrowboat Ezri – Not the end or Were did the water go.

Ok its been a few days since I wrote here, but I will explain that later
We pick up were I left off at Summit pub
The day started off well I knew that there a few sets of locks to get though before Littlebrough so I checking the water in Ezri and few other things but as did so the lock behind Ezri opened to reveal the boat I had pass the other day in the wrong place.
I watched as they went pass hoping they would just carry on but the guy asked if I was going though the locks I told him I was but a few of them were narrow meaning one boat at once, but he didn’t believe me so they went though the first lock and waited right in the middle of tie off point.
I got Ezri though the lock and just as I did they moved on too the second lock, I was getting my timing right and finding my feet open the lock climb, the ladder let in the water, move Ezri out shut the lock
So as I had the time I helped the other boat as they reached the first of the narrow locks and then went back to Ezri I had tied her up just after the lock as they had taken up the tie off point for the narrow even though were two of them, still tied up just before to lock, then spend a few minutes messing about.
No problem you may think but your wrong, you see I can’t move Ezri because they have come back out from the towpath, they did this three times on me on third lock as I pulled away I got grounded they had made it to narrow and I had tried to be clever by opening the lock paddle which let the water out to quick.
The guy came back and helped me off then said they were going to press on which meant I was on my own. Because the next locks were narrow which I told him at the top of summit but never mind.
As I worked to next lock a boat was on its way up so, I got a little help and as we worked to lock a canal and river trust volunteer pulled up in his car.
The people on the boat numbered about six so they said they would do just fine, so Bob came and helped me , Ezri ran well and I was even starting to enjoy not having to run the roof or work the locks, We talked about all kinds of things he told me were the best place to moor up was and it was a very good morning around
By 3 We were in Littlebrough I didn’t want stay there so Bob took me just outside Littlebrough which were I should have called it a day moored up and found something to eat, but no I pressed on just a little bit thinking when I got tired I would just bang in my pins and that would be that.
Mistake number two were ever I went my pins hit concrete three times I tried and three times they didn’t work so I though I would try Kingsway the place I had worked out would handy for work but once again concrete not only that swing bridge which added to my troubles, I had no other option but to keep going. By this time I was starting lose it a little it felt as if I would just carry on until it got to dark to see,
Bob told me you don’t stop in Rochdale and that was next place on the map, I carry on still with no idea were I was going to stop until I reached the set of locks right in the center of town, I must have been a sight as the small group of drunks helped me though the locks and told me about a place called the sandbrook, then a very odd thing happed as I was working to lock a young lad and his girl helped me with lock we talked and somehow he knew how old Ezri was people have asked the year she was built but he didn’t just he just knew.
Ten minutes later after almost grounding Ezri again I pull her up next to the pub, I banged my pins in so hard I almost spilt the hammer, dazed light headed and so want crazy I locked Ezri up lock and went to find food.


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