Narrowboat Ezri – Village life, Pain and Everyone watching

Now we come to Thursday which started off easy Dad helped me with two of the lock, but as the day went on things got worse, first I had to undo every handcuff lock and that at each third lock had people watching as I got in more and more trouble more people came to watch but not help.

As I over heated I didn’t notice Ezri was doing the something but we carried on. eight locks if four hours not bad going, I tied up just outside the small village of Walsden with the new mooring pins I had bough the other day, after posting a thank you letter to June and Derek set off and within seconds hit another set of lock.

This time how ever they were about 200/300 yards apart breathing room but that didn’t stop me from getting heated, at the last but one lock Ezri slipped her rope and went smashing into the side of the stone wall bending the door and everything went rolling about even the tins of foods fell about.

Reaching Lone Bottomley Lock I wasn’t in the best of moods and as I entered the lock a 4×4 car came over the bridge and stopped waiting until I pass under and then the whole family got out to watch, Mum, Dad and young lad as I tried to unlock the paddle which failed, they watched as I crossed to the other side they watched as unlocked the paddle gear and as it swung back and trapped my middle finger. (which is still black, blue and purple) I didn’t say anything anything just pulled it out and held it under the water for a few seconds,

Thankfully the water came in a Ezri rose like she’s meant too, but still they watched until some old man walked up and asked them if they were waiting to get on, which shamed them into leaving, the second they were out of ear shot I swore my head off,

I did the best I could and got out of the lock, I then saw Ezri smoking, I knew I had to pullover and find some were safe, the crazy thing was I found it was next one of the narrow-boat’s from the other day.

They asked if I wanted to come out for drink but I said no thank you, I just wanted find out were I was and they told me Littleborough was six miles away. Now I had been though Littleborough may times, I locked Ezri and walked into town, When I got there I found a take away and bought a dona and in the hot sunshine at 4:00 in the afternoon ate like a mad man.


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