The last few days have been both easy and hard at the same time, easy there has been no-more rushing about but still hard because I’ve been on my own.

I got just Hebden Bridge and mooned up for the night after a few swear words at many a lock gate, In the morning I begin to head for Todmorden when Ezri started to smoke I had made it though one of the locks so I was dammed if I was turning around, I was very scarred so I tried Ezri up just before the next lock and worked out a plan of action,

I worked out that if I walked back down the path I would be able to find help, but as I did so I meet some other people going up to the lock, I told them want was happening and they offered help, I turned out I had some how knocked the exhaust pipe so it feed back into the engine which made her over heat,

They gave Ezri a quick check over and went on they way, I slowly made my way to the next lock and the rain came and I got heavy in fact so much I soaking wet right down to my shoes, I tied Ezri up and tried dry off which took me a hour, I mood didn’t get any better but we did make it to Todmorden. As I came in the people who help me in the morning were there and helped me tie Ezri up,

But so pissed I still was I did the only thing I could think of which was to phone home, for some dry clothes so I left Ezri, I know it seemed like I keep giving up but there are just sometimes when its all I can do, without doing something crazy.


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