The next morning I made a plan, I had downloaded the manual of Ezri’s engine before ever setting out so I looked up cooling it said antifreeze and water mix, I didn’t have antifreeze but want I did have was water and a empty two litre bottle, ten minutes later we were off the back boor tie open so I could read Ezri’s tempter and that’s how it was, slowly stretch by stretch lock by lock we made it way to Littlebrough until we reached the third lock.

The person before had relocked the handcuff chain so tight that I had to get the WD-40 out and spray it a few times, I could even guess who it was there were two boat just the other side of the lock one was a Canal and River trust boat the other was a 60 foot boat who two days earlier had locked a gate which didn’t need to be locked, the guy even saw me but walked the other way.

They were also in the wrong place if your not going to cross the border (which called the summit) your meant to stay in the place I was the night before.

Slowly me and Ezri became a team working together enjoying the day, I even took photos again, next came the swing bridge and the border (Yorkshire/Lancashire)  which are something one person can’t do on there own, I had walked pass it the other night so I worked out away of doing it but as got to the lock and a tie up Ezri and 10 ton truck when over it, then a family on the school run so still working things out I let them go.

The sign of the bridge says put key in lock turn key pull handle but no dice the handle only came up a little way you see the 10 ton truck pushes it down so with my WD-40 in hand and help from and young lad in white van we got the thing moving, but before we did an old man and his wife walked over the bridge, then five minutes later he came back down and ask if were on the Pennine way but all I could tell him the village of Walsden was down the hill which he didn’t take to kindly.

The rest of the locks were easy no-one watching no-one trying my to get on my nerves, Ezri behaving all went well we made it though highest lock in England, but then found out the lock are backwards,

You see I have been going up hill  Ezri floats in you empty the lock and Ezri floats out, this time how ever I have to fill the lock so Ezri floats in I climb the ladder and fill the lock and Ezri leaves (see video) it a lot of fun trying to get Ezri to reach a point were I can touch the ladder.

Anyway, we reached place called Cheldurm Wharf behied a pub called the Summit today was good day,


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