Narrowboat Ezri – From Sowerby Bridge to ….

So its Sunday and it should mean ‘Help For The Haunted’ but the last weeks I haven’t had time to read the book sorry but in the next few days I hope to play catch up,

Anyway, I left Ezri sat just inside Sowerby Bridge the lock keeper (Billy) is there Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays so I picked Sunday, My dad and brother came along to work the locks with Billy so all I had to do was point Ezri in,

But on the way here the car blew a tire which just happened as we started down the motorway, everyone was ok and the recovery guy came and changed the wheel, We drove back to Joel’s house and changed cars dad said he will get the tire looked at on Monday.

We made it to Sowerby Bridge and I unpacked my things, Joel just saw the two small locks which lead up to Tuel Lane lock so though he would watch from the side lines, Ezri did want she was meant to nice and easy then Billy told Dad and Joel to get on and we headed for Tuel Lane Lock

You have to past though a tunnel first which is the simple part the bit not so much, the lock is huge so its not a case of climbing the ladder and opening the gates, I had keep Ezri to the left but as we came in we moved over to the right, With help from Billy and two of nice volunteers they told Dad and Joel were the ropes tie off and just to hold on as the water came in.

Keeping Ezri level is the key really to much one way or the other and someone falls in but we made it, and dad even got a cup of coffee. having other people on Ezri was a scary at first but I kept my head and remembered how I had been told and shown and things worked out.

We tie up Ezri I went for something to eat, and around 3 o’clock set off again heading towards Hebden Bridge, I have a real map now without days, or times, or anything much else just from Sowerby Bridge to the centre of Manchester, just the name of the locks, stopping place and others things which makes life much easier.

Or it would do if ten minutes the rain hadn’t come down and wet me though the problem is I don’t mooring pins so I have to stop just before a lock or at set mooring which meant I had to carry on until I reached Brearley lower lock by the time I had it was 4:45,

I will spent the night here and slowly make my way to Hebden Bridge and spend a few days there, I don’t really have a end point any more not like last week were it was all push push. I now need to work out a base and how far I can move Ezri and still be close to work, plus carry out one or two little job that need doing


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