Narrowboat Ezri – The First Adventure (The End but only the begining) Part Two

Another eight o’clock start and the beginning of the end, the plan for today was to get as far as Sowerby Bridge because I knew I would have ring someone about pasting though the Tuel locks system so I could get over to Hebden Bridge just this side of home.

My new pages shown there were three locks and lift lock to past though which I thought would take a good few hours, we started slowly at Longlees lock open the left gate up the ladder tie the rope closes the gate work the paddles just like the last few they were a mix systems hand turning with a handle or using a hand stake to pull up the paddle.

It took a few minutes to get though and close right, standing on the back of Ezri I made my way slowly it didn’t take long to reach the lift gate, now it looked opened the cage at the top makes it looks, but it wasn’t so I hit it a huge metal gate and we bounced, the ties for the gate were on my left back just before the road tunnel.

Ezri had other ideas she didn’t just go backwards she turned left then right it was hard to turn her right, as for the lift gate its self you put the Canal and River Trust key in the control and press the right buttons at the right time, but the after that was an old lock.

Using my slow fill I was able to walk away from Ezri and see were I was it turned out that I was at place called Salterhebble were I could take on water and have rest thinking it was eleven in the afternoon. On the other side of a set lock was the water I needed, as I worked the lock the Canal and River Trust people turned up,

I moved Ezri to water point and started to work out how fill Ezri with water I have to water hoes one I was given and the new I got myself, I tried first with my hose but it didn’t work so I used to other Ezri got her water, I asked want time it was and told it was only nine thirty and that Sowerby Bridge was only about half a hour away.

What I didn’t notice was that I had left one of the locks open which upset one of the Canal and river people he tried to tell me I had left a few more open which couldn’t be right I had only been though two the whole day and the lift lock was shut, I didn’t say anything just let him tell me off.

At eleven I though it was time I moved on, three other people from the Canal and River Trust helped me though the last set of lock, and just like the last few days and at the start Ezri had people watch her in the lock this time a small group of children and their teachers, there even look Ezri’s photo which I think its on facebook some were.

Half an hour later we reached Sowerby Bridge, I didn’t find a place at the visitor mooring so I moved on a little bit, to were Ezri was save, it turned out the people in the flats that over look the mooring don’t like boat so they pulled up the rings.

Anyway Ezri is safe in Sowerby just before tule lane tunnel now looking at the notice and talking to a few people the lock is man starting Friday and ending Monday so I know she’s safe and I have 14 days so why not leave Ezri there and check on her Friday and then find out about moving on Sunday or Monday

The title of this post is the end but only the beginning, and that very true its the end of bring Ezri home but only the start of her life as my home, I didn’t make things easy for myself and at time I wish I hadn’t even brought her

But looking back on the last two weeks, meeting two amazing  people June and Derek who helped me and Ezri, who opened up this world and show me so much all I have it say is thank you


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