Narrowboat Ezri – The First Adventure (reset)

Please forgive me for stopping and not writing about things, but I got a little crazy for a time. Trying to learn and understand everything takes time and I wasn’t to the right mind set to take in the information.
After leaving June and Derek I got as far a Kings road lock a stayed the night, a peaceful place and welcome rest.
I knew I had to do the river again so I was not feeling to well, but I wasn’t going to turn back little steps if I could just get as far as the Navigation Inn then I would call my dad and see about a few things.
I set out at nine o’clock and made it past one of the main mooring  place line after line of boats was all I saw so I pressed on.
Though the river lock and on I went pushing Ezri a little more and a little more until We reached to lock I made her safe a went to work the lock but by the time I done that a second boat was almost on top of me.
The guy had only had his boat the same length of time as me, but was/is more skilled he asked were I was heading I told but he said the next pub would be better, as we worked to lock a third boat a huge thing with baw thrusters came along. They knew each so we all joined a little convey.
But the problem Ezri is a smaller boat so I had to work hard to keep up, but each time I did by the time I got to lock I had become so out of it, I was making more and more mistakes, I could the guy in the first boat getting more I more pissed off it didn’t help when was pulling Ezri in to the side he smashed the face of his watch and broke it.
As we carried on the sun was getting hotter to in fact I was burning up with each mile we covered, I’m sure he did try and lose me at one point but I kept up
We did past both my original stopping point and the second pub but I was to far gone to care and they said 48 hours only, he then told me about the Dewsbury arm Junction painted and in pain I looked at on my phone. Dad could find me and I would be safe so that’s were I stopped, it was only two o’clock
Only when I did, I noticed how I was sun burnt my arms are still red 24 hours on, I did the only thing I could think of, call my dad half crazy I told him were I was and how to find me and then just add to everything my phone died.
So long story short I when home, leaving Ezri locked up and stripped out so if something happened…
Thankfully nothing did she was still here safe, I got my burns clean up and change of clothes and so more food.
I also dumped my first set of maps and charts which were doing more harm than good.
I will set off again tomorrow only for a four hours run with my mind in the right place, my body repaired it should be ok


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