Narrowboat Ezri – The First Adventure – Day Two

Yes I know its late I should have posted yesterday but here why I didn’t

Yesterday was a nightmare, the little skill I thought I had left me, I was scared, alone and lost,

I had left Blue Water around nine o’clock after being given more rope and a longer hose-pipe, slowly I headed to lock which was man so that was easy hand my rope over and hold on there was an other boat so I was helped even more. We head on a he turned into the other marina and that were the trouble started I couldn’t get Ezri to stay in the centre of the water.

I over steered first one way and then the next, I almost had her facing the way I had come, and then it started to rain hard and heavy so much so my shoes were sopping wet but slowly I made her true and we carried on. A narrowboat it very heavy thing to keep right

By this time I was finished I wanted dump Ezri on the bank and walk I didn’t care were just get off and go home but how could I do that that I didn’t see anywhere to tie her up I just had to carry on the rain did stop and I felt a little better two other boats had past me so moved out there way

Over steering again more panic, not knowing how far I had gone or even want time I though sod before I get even more lost stop and work out were the hell I was, the rain had stopped so I pulled over just to change my socks if nothing else I could leave Ezri here, were here was

Looking up the canal I saw a swing bridge, so paper map in one hand and wet shoes on I walked to it one of the boat I had seen before was moored up I watched as some worked the bridge, I walked back to Ezri and with want little reamed of myself got Ezri started I though if I could get just past the bridge I would be ok.

As I was doing this a narrowboat past by they gave me a wave and off they went up the bridge my heat sank I wanted to do the thing on my own so if anything want wrong then I would hurt not anyone else but by the time I got there two more boats were coming though and the two narrowboat’s I had seen were gone.

I let them go and was about move over when the bridge opened again this to let a big plastic boat thought so thought heres my chance I will go thew but come behind was a second boat panicing agian I pulled hard back and Ezri ran tail first into the mooring bank the white boat got past and I push forward hitting the both ends of bank crashing about. I know the other people on boat didn’t like want I did as they shouted somthing but I did hear want it was.

More panic set in as I carried on to the next lock. I had somehow meet up with one of the narrowboat that had past me.
At first I thought the woman working to lock was the keeper but she was the wife of the guy next to me.
They helpped me and that was that, I told him I was heading to manchester and the guy said they were going to Leeds but in my mad panic I didn’t understand want he meant.
But I tried to keep up and he pointed out the turning and I follwed him round but lost him.

Still trying to get the feel of Ezri but each somthing threw me off as was get pissed off again and huge white boat came behide so I moved over back mistake if your in the middle people move around you, so they got to swing brige before me but thankful kept it up for me and yet agian I hit Ezri all along the side.
They asked how long I had been on the boat and tell them it was my frist day, they took pity on me and help me though a few more briges until they when on they way.
Still half carzy, mad with panic I did my best to carry on until I saw I set lights showing amber the white boat was one side and two narrow boats the other they waved to me to stop so I cashed pulled Ezri to side, one of people was the married people that had helped me before and the other were people and first brige.
We were to go in lock all together me frist so I didn’t damage anyone and that’s want we did our little convey me doing my best to follow and keep up though a few more swing bridges over the river until the top of new junction were white boat left us and the two narrow boats pulled in.
We talk a bit me still not understanding half of want going on and the guy in the pink boat saying he’d seen me leave Blue Water that morning. They other man talked about all kinds of things I just told him I was heading to Manchester again.
We talked and said we would move again tomrrow (sunday) I made something to eat and my dad rang and I tried to tell want was going on but I such at mess still, I almost broke down.
I set the alrams on both phone tried to sleep.


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