Today I was meant to off, gone wave goodbye to Blue Water Marine but that’s not want happened.

We have to go back to the day before Thursday getting everything up and running all the late minute jobs hanging curtains, checking ropes putting fire covers on and getting all the paperwork in order.
That took a little longer that I had planed and a few things were missed, and put off until today.

I didn’t mean to over sleep I didn’t mean to forget. But I did. We had planed to buy a few days worth of fresh food before we set off (which was right I didn’t want to get Ezri and have throw stuff out) We did the shopping as planed but have way around my Dad ask me if I anything to open the tins with or if in fact
I had anything off with,

To which my reply was No. the plates were simple outdoor BBQ plastic ones as for a tin opener
Que, the mad run to Aladdin’s Cave (no really that want the shop is called) were I was able not only to buy an opener but knifes spoons and cookware.

So when got to Ezri it was 2:30 so after putting the food and a few other things away it was getting on for 3 and what put in more of a mess was when one the guys here pointed out I didn’t have a middle line (a rope which ties to centre of the boat for when your in a lock)

I didn’t buy boat rope I have car tow rope only because they have hooks on the end (I’m not to good with knots) but are only four meters long, I was scarred I didn’t want took more of a fool that I did, But he came back a few minutes later with a rope tied it on Ezri and said there now you have a middle line I asked want I own him and he said forget it.

The next job was the fuel, yesterday Dad got the cap off and with out fuel gage we couldn’t tell (Narrowboat’s don’t have them) so with the same man help we found out and took Ezri over to the pump.

I was a little over welded at first and I forgot everything I had worked out made all kinds of mistakes but I didn’t hit anything or fall in so that’s something, when we had done that we even drove up to the lock and he talked me thought it. (In Ezri the same lock takes half an hour to get it) so it would been 5 by the time I got there and dark before I found somewhere to stop.

So I have had free rope and lock lessons and I little more calm that I was the up shot being I am leaving tomorrow, spending the night on Ezri still at Blue Water is a little sad but I am better sorted and settled now.

I have tested my internet I can get online but not upload video as it takes to long so I will post photos and the video at the end of week I will write something every night.


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