Narrowboat Ezri – Softy softy

This is the last progress report on how far along Ezri is, because next Friday the 19th I will be leaving Blue water Marine under my own power. You may think I should have left a long time ago but work really has only taken 10 days as I have only doing one day week,

And in that time We (me and dad) have made Ezri fell more like a home that just the shell she was, I have two jobs on Ezri to do hanging curtains and fixing on the cap for chimney then, pay my mooring fee one or three extras and pay the licence fee to the Canal and River Trust and go

I haven’t written much about how Ezri runs or how everything works yet because for the simple reason I don’t know myself I have one or two ideas I have even run a few tests which work all I have do is up scale them, So here’s to next Friday the shake down cruse of Narrowboat Ezri


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