NarrowBoat Ezri – The last of the Hard work

All done, full stop. No more wood, no more cutting, no more banging and no more making things fit. Everything that needed fixing and glueing has been done.

We have put edging strip a long the steps down into Ezri so I don’t end up kicking them out over time, glued up a cup tree so they don’t get broken when I start to move around the canals Work out a way having extra power for my phone and few other toys (I will talk more about that when I start to us them) and last but no least bought a hose pipe so I can fit Ezri’s water tank

Ezri is now looking almost like my home, the only things need putting in are curtains, bedding, things for the kitchen and food so really all the soft things.

After I have paid for my boat licence, a small mooring fee and fuel I should be able leave before the end of the month I did want to go sooner but one or two things a broken lock gate being one of them,

I think that just about wraps everything for this post the next one I write should be for the start adventurer


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