Help For The Haunted By Tim Prasil- Skittering Holes

In this third story Mr Prasil fills in a little of Lucille Parsell history, by meeting her ‘Grandpa David’ a man who cares deeply for her.

Skittering Holes takes place a few weeks after The Ghost of Banquo’s Ghost, Miss Vera Van Slyke is still around and Lucille shows her around Chicago but Vera is not impressed with all fancy building and like, so Lucille takes her to see her Grandpa David Mr. Gans a kind old man from the old country of Josefov,

He calls Lucille by her real name Ludmila Prasilova,saying my little American and hopes one days she will go back to using it they talk about the past and Grandpa David asks for help in understanding the things he sees in his rooms at night when he plays oboe.

Vera this time acts more of mother figure to Lucille and takes steps not put her in harms way and tries her best to shield Lucille.

this story is not like others, which were things happing to other people, this one is about Lucille and her reaction to things happing to the people she loves, I guess that’s why the ending hits home more


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