NarrowBoat Ezri – Making Room

The list of jobs gets smaller and smaller as we reach the time to be off. It just a lot of buying a last minute fixing and making room.

The best example of this are to small cupboards when we started last week they were just a big empty space so everything would have smashed around, but will a bit cutting sawing and no-more nails I now have a shelve over the sink, the next problem was were to put the things like knifes, forks and plates you can’t have them kicking about all over so I a spent a little more money on a plate rack which my dad put together and stuck to the wall.

With the wood that was left over I made cover for the power lines, they were sitting out in the open and look very scary. I have worked out want each do and were they go around Ezri and I have even seen how they do want but just to be safe I am hiding them away.

The last little job before I start putting in all the soft things like rugs, curtains and all the rest are the steps they are made up soft wood cuts which leave little gaps which over time will split and break so I have come up with a idea, if I put square  edging over the gap that will stop the splitting.


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