Help For The Haunted By Tim Prasil- The Ghost of Banquo’s Ghost.

In the second story in the book we catch up with Lucille Parsell one year on from The Minister’s Unveiling tail, trying to move on from her other old life until she is told about hunting in a theatre and Miss Vera Van Slyke once again.

Lucille goes to the theatre to just see the ghost for her self and within seconds is back by Vera side as if passage of time has changed nothing, the ghost this time lives to perform one last time in the Scottish play much to the disapproval of the new leading man.

Just like the last story the people Lucille and Vera meet are very well written not just filling space, like the lady called LaFrance and the man with name like a fish,

For the time first Lucille starts to pick up a few things Vera does which she dislikes and Vera in her turn does the same to Lucille at the end of the story its unclear if Lucille gives up her station to follow Vera

Using almost a double bluff here Mr Prasil pulls off a very delightful story, as well as giving more insight into his two leading ladies,


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