NarrowBoat Ezri- Making things fit, and other worries

Just like last week we put up a rail of curtains but this time for the smaller window, The rail when up easy I looks as if it had been there all this time.

I had bought some more door blots for the front door and the hatch on the side to go length ways I even got some wood the mount them with, But this didn’t work the blots didn’t fit even with mounts, so I took off the down blots and replaced it works a lot better, As for the wood my dad was a little disappointed spending money and we couldn’t make things work, so I thought about want we could use it for.

First to block up the space around the small port holes but that didn’t work second use a as handles on the two bathroom doors (doors if I had my way I would take out) but didn’t work right, But the I thought about the two small cupboards I have one by the front door the second over by the sink.

If we were cut the strips and use them for mounts for a shelve then we would solve a problem and not waste money and so that’s want we did.

Had also made up a letter stencil to paint Ezri name down one side, but the letter was just a bit to small, a problem which I can work out later, any way I wanted to try a least to see want the yellow would look like so I painted Ezri’s hinges on the cover for gas, OK its rough and I used a bigger brush but I think it looks good,

I not going to repaint her all over just the hinges and her name and that’s it just highlight thing.

The other worry I keep coming back to is power I have it all set out in my head which button to press at want time which switch does want, then I walk away and get all turned around, I spent the last few hours scarring myself by pricing up solar power packs and other things I know I don’t need but just in case.

The bottom line is I need to get out a try it not just plan


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